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Welcome to Wheelie Jet. We take great pride in the quality of the service we provide. On the day your bin is emptied by the local council, please leave your bin out and we will do the rest to make sure you are left with a sparkling clean and deodorised bin .

All About Us

We are one of the most reliable and professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning Companies in the Nottingham area with a large database of satisfied customers, most of which have been with us from the start.

​We use only the best specialised equipment to ensure maximum results every time , leaving               your bins smelling fresh , clean , germ/maggot/pest free.  With our growing knowledge on the importance of hygiene and our awareness of bad bacteria we know the importance of using reliably sourced disinfectants . Our disinfectants kill up to 99.9% of all known germs.

WHEELIE JET continually strive to innovate and improve the services we provide in an environmentally friendly way. We have prided ourselves on upholding environmentally friendly techniques, from the recycled water and biodegradable cleaning products we use, to our uniquely-designed machinery.

We are pleased to announce we have now extended the first class service we offer into more New Areas, please take a look at the areas we cover using the link below.





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